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Why I Close 23 of My Dental Offices Once A Year

I CLOSE 23 OF MY DENTAL OFFICES ONCE A YEAR AND HERE’S WHY An Open Letter to the Dental Industry I’ve known since I was about 19 years old that I wanted to be a dentist. I’ve been practicing for 17 years. But seven years ago I saw a change happening in dentistry and it became clear to me what I needed to do. My brother is also a dentist. When I approached him with my idea, he immediately joined me. We started DecisionOne Dental with one purpose: put patients first. Insurance companies are changing our industry and they’re creating a barrier between doctors and patients, they’re creating a disconnect. This isn’t just a financial effect, it’s fundamentally personal. We have pressures to s

Dental Supply Partners, Not Just Vendors

This month's Insight from the Experts article comes from our Dental Supply & Equipment Manager Marek Chudzik. He talks about a topic that affects all departments at D1, but especially his own department - vendor relationships. At DecisionOne, it's very important to us that we think of the companies that we work with at partners and not just vendors. Dental supply vendor relations are an essential part of any growing Dental Service Organization (DSO). The dental field is one that is constantly being changed by advancements in technology and materials. In order to ensure that patients are receiving the absolute best treatment, it is vital to stay current with all of this information. This is w

An Innovation That’s Helping Catch Cancer

In this week’s ‘Innovation In Medicine’ Jane Monzures is learning about an innovation being used by dentists to catch signs of cancer early. Dr. Acierno of Decision One Dental explains how this device helps take a deeper look at the health of the mouth, and we hear from a man who says having this screening helped save his life. Originally published at: #WGN #localpress #ajacierno #DrAJAcierno

Third Annual Vendor Open House

Every year we invite all of our vendors to come see our office, enjoy some lunch, and win some prizes in order to show our appreciation to them. At DecisionOne our vendors aren't just vendors - they are our partners and we know we can't change lives without them. #givingback #communityinvolvement #appreciation

Room Dedication at Creighton University

We are proud to share that we have been honored with a room being named for DecisionOne, Dr. Michael Acierno, and Dr. Alan J. Acierno at Creighton University. Dr. Mike and our CFO/AJ and Mike's Dad, Al Acierno, were present for the dedication. This is such a great honor and we are so appreciative of our partnership with Creighton. #recognition #DrAJAcierno #MikeAcierno #DrMichaelAcierno #dental #givingback


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