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Why In-House Recruiting Works

Recruiting is a team effort. At DecisionOne Dental Partners, we always start by asking our team members that already understand our values and are happy in their jobs to send over their family and friends. Good team members usually know people who have the same values and work ethic. They know what we are looking for in a great employee. Having the recruiting in-house means that there is an understanding of the roles and expectations of DecisionOne. Since each office is a little bit different, the focus can be put on what each office is looking for in a candidate and hopefully the best candidates can be discovered in all resumes that come in. Finding the right candidate can be difficult, a

The Patti Vasquez Show

Dr. AJ Acierno was invited to once again speak on Pretty Late with Patti Vasquez! He discussed back to school and re-establishing dental routines, candy buyback, bad breath, and not only that but his son Tommy made his radio debut as well! If you missed it last night you can listen now at He begins speaking at the one hour mark 01:00:00. #WGNRadio #DrAJAcierno #ajacierno #givingback

DSO Leadership Series

Dr. AJ Acierno recently had the opportunity to record in Patient Prism studios. This month they are launching their DSO leadership series on Patient Prism Academy, and Dr. AJ has the honor of being the first thought leader. Over the course of the next 12 months, Patient Prism will continue to interview leaders in the DSO space and share pearls of wisdom from their journey. We are honored that Dr. Acierno was chosen to be the first speaker in this series. Thanks Patient Prism! #ajacierno #DrAJAcierno #grouppractice #leadership

First Annual DecisionOne Dental Charity Golf Outing

We had a beautiful day for our first ever charity golf outing! We were so happy to spend the day with our colleagues, partners, and friends and to be able to give back to Clearbrook, the beneficiary of our outing. #givingback #clearbrook


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