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Dental Supply Partners, Not Just Vendors

This month's Insight from the Experts article comes from our Dental Supply & Equipment Manager Marek Chudzik. He talks about a topic that affects all departments at D1, but especially his own department - vendor relationships. At DecisionOne, it's very important to us that we think of the companies that we work with at partners and not just vendors.

Dental supply vendor relations are an essential part of any growing Dental Service Organization (DSO). The dental field is one that is constantly being changed by advancements in technology and materials. In order to ensure that patients are receiving the absolute best treatment, it is vital to stay current with all of this information. This is where the relationships and communication with vendors is essential. Consistent communication throughout the year ensures that our offices and clinicians are informed and well trained.

It is important to understand that relationships with vendors should be mutually beneficial. Just as we rely on our vendors for information and training, we like to give our vendors honest feedback on their products. This feedback is important for them to continuously improve their products, which will help all people in the long-run.

At DecisionOne Dental Partners we understand that the relationships that vendors have with our offices and clinicians are vital to their success. For this reason, DecisionOne likes offering our vendors opportunities for participation in our company events. Annually, we organize a DecisionOne Rally (D1 Rally) for our all team member and invite our partners to take part in this full day event. The D1 Rally promotes opportunities for vendors to build relations with our offices and answer questions about product which they are using or interested in potentially implementing into their practices.

We truly value our partner relations which we have built with our vendors. In efforts to extend our appreciation, each year in the Fall, we invite our vendors to DecisionOne Dental Partners for a Vendor Open House. During this event, we open our doors at the Support Center to all of the companies we work with on a daily basis. On behalf of DecisionOne Dental Partners we thank for all your support and in efforts to help “Change the way dentistry is done to improve lives.”

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