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Transitions Mean Change...Help!

In the world of dentistry, there are more private practices joining larger groups every day. Mostly due to the skyrocketing overhead costs and insurance complications. So, it’s time to make a change, right?! Dealing with change is very difficult for some. Changes affect our emotions, puts private practice in a state of inconsistency and can incur a large breakdown of otherwise good communication. As a Transitions Manager, I am fortunate to work for DecisionOne Dental where we have altruistic outlook about change. Our company plays the infinite game, changing the way we do dentistry to improve lives. Here are some ways to approach such change in an altruistic way. Communicate relentlessly: N

Private Equity is Pouring Money into a Dental Empire

One of the richest dentists in the U.S. hasn’t seen a patient for more than two decades. Richard Workman, 63, stopped practicing in 1996 to build his company, Heartland Dental, into a kind of Walgreens for the dentistry business. He scooped up one dentist office after another, and today Heartland has more than 800 in 36 states, making it the largest dental management company in the country. Workman’s empire-building caught the eye of KKR & Co. In April, the private equity powerhouse bought a 58 percent stake that valued Heartland at a rich $2.8 billion, the latest in a series of acquisitions in the industry. Other Wall Street investment firms -- from Leonard Green & Partners to Ares Manageme

Location #24

We are proud to share our 24th location to join our team - McHenry Dental Associates! Join Dr. Michael Acierno & Dr. Aj Acierno in welcoming Dr. Gough, Dr. Chiakulas, & the rest of their team to the D1 Family! #acquisition #newpractice #news


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