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Introducing D1 MEL Talkers!

An important part of our rally each year is that it’s a truly a day for you to grow as a person. We don’t talk about the latest dental techniques or numbers and goals – we take time to learn life skills that can be applied to both our personal and professional lives. Skills like communication tools, the power of positivity, and inspirational messages about never giving up.

We are very proud to share that this year we launched our MEL talks. MEL stands for Medical. Experience. Leadership. These talks, in the same style as a TED talk, allowed our very own team members to step out of their comfort zone to share a message they felt passionate about. We encouraged and supported them the whole way, with coaching sessions and guidance. These talks not only pushed our team members to grow and learn new skill sets, but the topics of their talks inspired many of our team members as well. In fact, in our post-event survey we sent out to our team members our MEL talks were the highest rated portion of the day!

We know that our team members are more than just hygienists, or dental assistants, or doctors, or business assistants. They are people and we want to support them in all facets of their lives – not just the clinical side.

If you’re looking for a place that knows you’re human and encourages your growth - we want to hear from you! Check our current openings at


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