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The 9th Annual D1 Rally Returns!

This year DecisionOne celebrated our Ninth Annual D1 Rally - the one day a year we close down all of our offices in order to gather under one roof for a day filled with inspiration & celebration. It was 1,085 long days from our last in person rally until this year, and we think it was worth the wait!

Our day was filled with live musicians, awards, an opportunity to give back, outside speakers, and our very own team members taking stage to share a MEL talk (our take on a TED talk). While these components make for a great day the best part of any rally day is the opportunity to make connections with the rest of our D1 family as we spent time focusing on our most valuable asset - our people!

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes looks and snippets of what our teams had to say about this special day. If this looks like the kind of environment you want to be a part of - we want to hear from you! Check our current openings at

If you want to change the way dentistry is done to improve lives, we’re the ONE you’ve been looking for!


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