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Excellence at the D1 Rally

We’ve addressed altruism and teamwork, but D1 has one more value which is excellence. The rally is really a time to celebrate we get to celebrate this value through our MADE awards and acknowledgements as well as it being a shot in the arm to accelerate your own personal excellence. The D1 Rally isn’t about the numbers, but rather how we can you with the tools to to truly grow, succeed, and yes, be excellent in not only in a business setting but in your personal life.

One specific display of excellence shown at the rally? Our office-submitted décor! Our theme this year was Reaching New Heights and so provided each of our offices with a blank hot air balloon to decorate. We were blown away by what each team created – a true display of both teamwork and excellence. Much like our offices themselves, each submission was uniquely them. Here you can see the balloon created by one of the newest offices to join D1 – Exquisite Smiles Oak Park. Inspired by the movie Up, they glued over 300 pom poms to their balloon and even created a house to attach! This is just one of the many amazing submissions we received and it really added to the ambiance and excellence of the day.

If you’re looking for a place where you are supported and encouraged to be excellent in both your personal and professional life – we want to hear from you! Check our current openings at

If you want to change the way dentistry is done to improve lives, we’re the ONE you’ve been looking for!


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