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D1 Team Members March to the Beat of their Own Drum

After attending this year’s D1 Rally you might just say that some of our team members march to the beat of their own drum – which we love! One of the greatest aspects of D1 is the individuality – each office has its own name and brand, but still fits into our larger brand once you see everyone together.

In this same way, our offices operate by freedom within a framework. We provide the tools and support to do what’s right for our patients, but each team may go about it in a slightly different fashion. As long as our focus is on our vision (changing the way dentistry is done to improve lives), our values (altruism, teamwork, & excellence) and our brand promise (your advocate), we know that we’re doing what’s best for our patients and our team members.

If you’re looking for a place where you’re not only allowed to care but are actively encouraged to - we want to hear from you! Check our current openings at


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