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Work/Life Balance

I have two passions in life, my family and my work. I am a proud mother of two beautiful kids, 5-year-old daughter and 1-year old son. When I returned to work from my last maternity leave I was offered an opportunity that I had wanted, Director of Operations. I was excited, honored and proud. Those feelings quickly turned to panic, how was I going to be able to be a good mom, a good wife and do great at work?

I’d love to say that I have it all figured out or that there is a magic solution to my situation but there isn’t. Just like anything, if its worth having it takes work. But there are some things you can do to make things a little easier.

1. Make sure you love where you work and who you work with. I have been with DecisionOne Dental for over 7 years. Something that I have appreciated from day 1 is the strong focus on family and work/life balance. The leaders in my company stress being a part of all the important moments in life and family first. I have colleagues that support and help in any way they can to make sure that work is covered so I can attend the important moments in my children’s lives. True teamwork is a gift!

2. Make sure you have a good support system at home. If you have a partner, make sure that they are on board with your choices. My husband helps more at home and with the kids than ever before. More importantly he is supportive of my works goals, so he never makes me feel guilty when I do have to do some work at home. When I have a rough day he reminds me that I work for a great company and I enjoy the challenges of my work as much as the successes.

3. Make sure you have someone you trust taking care of your kids. I am blessed that my mother-in-law can care for my kids daily while I work. I also know that not everyone is that lucky. Make sure you interview the daycare system you choose, look at reviews and do regular check ins with your kids. Being able to trust and rely on your care taker is a must.

4. Have a back up plan. In case my mother-in-law gets sick, takes a vacation or has an appointment I still need to fulfill my responsibilities. So, I have a back up plan. I reached out fellow mothers and formed good relationships, so they will help when needed. I have a neighbor and other family that would watch my kids if needed. I have paperwork filled out with all the important things like pediatrician info etc. so I don’t have last minute stress. Don’t skip this step, it’s a life saver.

5. The last thing is the hardest for me. Take care of yourself. For a few months I stopped doing things for me, simple things like getting my hair or nails done. Every moment I had I put into others. I forgot that some things can wait. That I was just as important as my kids, my husband, my work. Take care of yourself and know you deserve every moment you do!

My “WHY” is to inspire future generations by sharing my experience, leading by example, continuously learning all with a smile! I can only hope that my children grow up knowing that it is possible to have a great career and family.

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