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The Value of Training

This month's "Insight from the Experts" article discusses the value of training and comes from our Director of Training, Noreen Berg. Our "Insight from the Experts" article series is dedicated to helping dentists by addressing all the different facets of running a dental practice. Don't forget to follow DecisionOne Dental Partners on LinkedIn so you don't miss any future articles in this educational series.

A question often asked of a team member at an executive level is, “Are you committed and invested in your position and the company?” The greater question should be as a company and CEO, are you committed and invested in your team members? The success of your company lies with those you employ who represent your vision. The goal is to have team members that want to work with you not team members who have to work for you. One cannot underestimate the importance of training in the workplace and how it equates to success.

Training provides the opportunity for a team member to understand the vision of the company, as well as the “why” behind their structure and their systems. This is also where responsibilities and clear expectations are set. One can have a skill set but without systems, structure, expectations, and accountability to support those skills your team member will not find success. Understanding the why behind procedures, systems, and clear expectations are as important as the skills one brings to their role.

Investing in the development of a person on a professional and personal level promotes confidence and pride in their work. A well-trained team member promotes the vision of the company and takes ownership of their destiny. Do you want a team member with only skills or do you want a skillful team member who feels appreciative of the opportunities to continue to grow and learn within their working environment? This can only be developed once the team member understands what the company is doing as a whole, and shares in that same vision.

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