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Benefits & Recruiting

Today we continue our "Insight from the Experts" article series dedicated to helping dentists by addressing all the different facets of running a dental practice. Today's article comes from our Human Resources Manager Patricia Knox on benefits & recruiting.

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As candidates focus less on compensation and more on meaningfulness and culture when searching for a job, benefits have been a key component of a successful recruiting program. Certain benefits are deemed mandatory for candidates when deciding on their future employment, while others help boost employee engagement and retention.

Group dental practices’ increased capital allows for greater benefit options, whereas private practices typically struggle with the cost of offering medical insurance, paid vacation, etc. The strict regulations of the Affordable Care Act makes health insurance more desirable for employees and employer contributions help with the increasing cost of premiums. Life and disability insurance bring a sense of security for employees and their families, which once again increases their retention.

When DecisionOne Dental Partners added a comprehensive benefit program, we witnessed many dental employees move from private practice to our group practice. Our job posts became more appealing to future top talent. Our current employees became happier, felt valued and stayed with us.

DecisionOne Dental currently offers life insurance, disability insurance (both long-term and short-term), vision, medical, 401k plan, paid holidays and paid vacation. We continue to strive for more benefit offerings to maintain a competitive and diversified compensation package.

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