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Partnership with Dr. Dominick Cannata

We are proud to share that another dentist has selected DecisionOne Dental Partners to entrust their patients with as they prepare for retirement. Dr. Dominick Cannata has served the community of Chicago Heights, IL for many years, and we are honored to care for his patients at our Floss Dental Care location in Homewood, IL. Thank you for caring for the community for so many years, we know your retirement is well earned!

Thanks are in order not only to Dr. Cannata but also to Fito Hartmann with one of our trusted lab partners, Qualident Dental Lab. There is no greater compliment than a referral and we are so appreciative of Fito & Qualident for recommending DecisionOne to Dr. Cannata. If you or someone you know is at a crossroads on how to move forward in order to best provide for their patients and team members, please let them know we would love to offer them any insights and help we can provide.


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