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Partnering with Dr. Robert Berquist

Support come in many different shapes & sizes at DecisionOne Dental Partners, and we are happy to share that Dr. Robert Berquist, who has practiced for many years in the Flossmoor community, has selected DecisionOne to partner with as he begins his well deserved retirement.

Now more than ever our health matters, and his patients won't miss a beat when receiving the high-level of dental care and customer service that they are used to by being seen at a D1 office located right down the street from Dr. Berquist's practice.

Thank you Dr. Berquist for serving the Flossmoor community for so many years and a big thank you to Jim Plescia with Professional Practice Consultants, Inc. for making this such a smooth transition. Finally, thank you in advance to the patients of Dr. Berquist for giving our team a chance to take care of your dental health!

If you or someone you know is struggling with how to provide your patients with the best care possible post-COVID, or perhaps you're starting to look more closely at retirement and aren't sure what steps are next, please contact us!

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