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Partnering with Dr. Fred Marchese

One of the ways DecisionOne has always supported dentists has been not just to offer a place to partner with, but to offer a dental home for patients if a dentist is looking to accelerate retirement and relocate their patients, rather than selling their entire practice.

As 2020 wraps up, we have found many dentists are considering this and have looked to D1 for support. We are proud to share that Dr. Fred Marchese of Melrose Park, IL selected DecisionOne Dental Partners and our Park Place Dental office to become his patient's new dental home as he steps away from dentistry to enjoy retirement. Thank you Dr. Marchese for entrusting your patients into our care, and for all that you have done for the community of Melrose Park. We hope you enjoy your retirement!

The best compliment is a referral, so if you or someone you know is at a crossroads on how to move forward in order to best provide for their patients and team members, please let them know we are here to answer any questions they may have.


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