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Morning Mindset with Lee Cockerell

Something I am very proud of is that every week day, we've held a company-wide conference call every morning at 8 A.M. We have hundreds of team members calling in each day, whether they're seeing patients or not, and that puts such a huge smile on my face and tells me how committed they are to making a difference to improve lives.

Last week we started inviting in guest speakers and it was so well received we decided to make this a consistent addition. Grab your coffee and set your mind for the day as we hear from guest speakers on leadership in the time of COVID-19.

If you know me, you know how much I love and admire Walt Disney and the company he created. So I am thrilled to share that our first morning mindset speaker is Creating Disney Magic with Lee Cockerell. Lee is the former executive VP of Operations for the Walt Disney Resort. Watch the entire video below:


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