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Chicago’s DecisionOne Dental Proves Not All Healthcare Has Lost Its Soul

By offering quality dental care and affordable, family-oriented coverage plans, DecisionOne Dental puts Chicagoland patients first.

While healthcare costs remain one of America’s hot button issues, the debate often overshadows the fact that we’re also facing a dental care epidemic in this country.

Due to rising fees and skimpy coverage for anything beyond a routine cleaning, many Americans either don’t have dental insurance or simply avoid going to the dentist. And even if they do go, the treatment can be less than ideal. That’s because more often in today’s healthcare landscape, treatment is based on insurance reimbursements and not what is best for the patient.

The overall result? Poor dental health, which can lead to health complications far more serious than an achey tooth. Not taking proper care of your teeth and gums can be a precursor to everything from arthritis and respiratory problems to strokes and dementia.

Fortunately, there’s an affordable and convenient way to access premium dentistry right here in Chicagoland. DecisionOne Dental has 19 Chicagoland locations, each offering premium care that puts the patient’s needs first. You’ll get everything from high quality lab work to patient advocacy, plus access to CompleteOne Dental, an in-house discount plan similar to insurance that covers annual maintenance (two annual cleanings, x-rays, exams, emergency exams) along with heavily discounted restorative and cosmetic procedures all included in a small monthly fee. Patients choosing CompleteOne Dental only pay $19 per month (no annual limits, no claims), while a family of four pays just $39 per month.

DecisionOne Dental is the passion project of Dr. AJ Acierno and Dr. Michael Acierno, two Chicago-born brothers who realized that complex insurance networks were preventing dentists from being able to put patients first and give them quality care. By assembling a group of like-minded dentists who are committed to their patients, the brothers have been able to forge patient relationships and provide cutting edge care in dental offices with an intimate, hometown feel, all for a highly affordable cost.

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