Join our Midwest based Dental Support Organization as we eliminate the headaches of business management so you can focus on changing the

way dentistry is done to improve lives.

Why Partner With DecisionOne Dental?

DecisionOne Dental was created by two brothers born and raised in Chicago.  Both went to dental school at Creighton University, with Dr. Mike Acierno going into private practice after graduation and Dr. AJ Acierno heading into corporate dentistry.  After seeing what had happened in the medical world as insurance benefits decreased and outside investors changed the landscape of medicine, they knew they had to protect dentistry from this fate.  They took the benefits of private practice like autonomy and a patient first mentality and combined them with the cost efficiencies and support system of corporate dentistry and created DecisionOne Dental Partners.

At DecisionOne Dental, we truly believe we are changing the way dentistry is done to improve lives. This means we're taking things back to the basics and focusing on what matters the most - what's best for our patients and our team members.

We provide a network of dentists to collaborate with as well as a full support team to take care of the headache of business management - human resources, payroll, accounting, marketing, insurance support, IT assistance, and more - so that you can focus on your patients.





-Dr. AJ Acierno, Founder & CEO

33 Locations & Growing

Our growth isn't focused on hitting a goal number of locations - what we care about is not slowing down until we know that all of the Chicagoland area & beyond are receiving the best patient care possible.


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"we’re doctors that get together and run things how doctors want to run it, not how businesses tell us to run it."

-Dr. Mike Acierno, Founder & CMO

(pictured with his & AJ's father, CFO Alan Acierno) 


Meet Our Founders

Dr. Michael Acierno & Dr. Alan J. Acierno

Chief Medical Officer & Practicing Dentist

Chief Executive Officer & Practicing Dentist