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Meet the Support Team

AJ Acierno, DDS
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Acierno, DDS
President & Chief Medical Officer
Mike Jettner
Chief Administrative Officer
Mike Olson, CMPE
Director of Acquisitions
Alan M. Acierno
Chief Financial Officer
Mandy Mennella, CPA
Jeta Ademi
Accounting Specialist
Ashley Rooney
Accounting Specialist
Chris Baisden
Staff Accountant
Marek Chudzik
Supplies & Equipment Manager
Jasmine Herrera
Purchasing Assistant
Pasta Procaccio
Admin & Engagement Manager
Rosanne Spanola
Administrative Assistant
Patti Greco
Human Resources Manager
Anna Vizzini
Human Resources Recruiter
Stacy Medema
Head of Marketing / Creative Manager
Amanda Schelling
Marketing Implementation Coordinator
Mike Trimborn
IT Support Lead
Travis Jones
IT Support Specialist
Larry Hallman
IT Support Specialist
Kristy Wolter
Insurance & A/R Manager
Michelle Kokkinias
Insurance & A/R Specialist
Kathy Gorecki
Insurance & A/R Specialist
Justyna Halaj
Insurance Specialist
Jason Genta, DDS
Vice President of Clinical Affairs
Jennifer Rush
Hygiene Coach
Nina Diasio
Dental Assistant Coach & Compliance Officer
Ruben Mora
QSI Specialist
Cheryl Rytina
Director of Operations
Noreen Berg
Director of Operations
Michael Lovergine
Transitions Manager & Training Specialist
Ashley Vittorini
Transitions Support
Rebecca Brown
Regional Coach
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