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Welcome to the information hub for our upcoming YOU-KG launch! Here you’ll find updates, resources, contacts, and past communications to ensure you always have access to everything you need. This page will be updated regularly as more information becomes available.


Going live this October, YOU-KG is one of the most robust and comprehensive scheduling and attendance tools available. What made YOU-KG the right choice for DecisionOne and the greater Smile Brands organization is that when we envisioned how time and attendance functioned most optimally, we wanted a tool designed to grow with us. From ensuring that everyone's time and compensation are captured correctly to planning work schedules as efficiently as possible, we knew YOU-KG was the way to go in terms of streamlining the most essential operational functions of our organization through increased automation and ease of use.



One of the most important aspects of any dental office or company is changing and growing as times change.   The labor force in America is drastically changing and it is important to continue implementing technology that helps all our team members.  I am very excited to announce a new piece of technology that will be centered around YOU, the team member!!   This technology is YOU-KG, which was formally known as UKG Dimensions.    This technology would never have been possible without our partnership with SmileBrands.  Having a larger partner and a whole entire team working on these advancements is a major perk in this partnership for us, and we are very grateful.   

Below you can see the video that Steve Bilt, CEO of Smilebrands developed for the SmileBrands team members.  This new technology will ensure time and compensation are captured fully, plan your schedule more efficiently,  and provide visibility of future schedules to team members, to name just a few.  If you see emails or anything else come from our partners at Smilebrands,  please don’t disregard it.  They are leading this implementation, which we hope to kick off in October.  During this implementation Patti Greco will be our go to along with those responsible for this project.    Again, there is nothing more important than our team members and we can’t change the way dentistry is done unless we have awesome people in our group. 

AJ Acierno, DDS

Co-Founder and CEO



Welcome to UKG

Welcome to UKG

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