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Substitute Notice of a
Cybersecurity Incident

Smile Brands Inc. (“Smile Brands”), on behalf of its affiliated dental practices, is notifying individuals regarding a cybersecurity incident. 

Smile Brands provides non-clinical business support services, such as accounting and information technology, to affiliated dental groups.  On April 24, 2021, the organization became aware of a ransomware attack, which led to unauthorized access to certain systems containing personal information.  The company promptly terminated the unauthorized access to the affected systems, launched an investigation, notified law enforcement, and engaged leading cybersecurity firms to help assess the scope of the incident.  During the course of our investigation, certain data was identified that appears to have been acquired by an unauthorized third party. The organization has been working diligently to directly notify individuals, to the extent possible, whose information may have been impacted. The incident did not disrupt the affiliated dental practices’ delivery of care to patients.

The types of information impacted included one or more of the following: name, address, date of birth, telephone number, health insurance information, and/or diagnosis information. A subset of individuals had Social Security numbers affected.

Smile Brands is committed to the privacy and security of personal information, and takes this responsibility seriously. The company is working with leading cybersecurity firms to further enhance its security measures, including implementing heightened monitoring and additional information security safeguards. 

Smile Brands recommends taking standard precautions to protect from identity theft and fraud, including placing a fraud alert or security freeze on credit files, obtaining free credit reports, and regularly reviewing financial account statements and credit reports for fraudulent or irregular activity.  Additional information can be found at

Patients of these Smile Brands affiliated dental groups may have information impacted by this incident.   

Acierno Dental, S.C.

Alan J. Acierno, P.C.

Castle 1st Dental Care, P.A.

Castle Dental Associates of Texas, P.C.

Castle Mid-South Dental Center, P.C.

Dental Professionals Cleveland - Nouneh, Inc.

Exquisite Smiles Dental, LLC

Glenview Smiles, LLC

Harvest Plaza Dental, PLLC

Herman Dental Corporation 

Hima Reddy, P.C.

Jefferson Park Family Dental, LLC

Lake Chautauqua Dental, P.C.

Leng C. Haong, D.D.S., Inc.

Magnolia Family Dentistry, LLC

Mazin Alayssami, D.M.D. & Associates, P.A.

Midwest Dental of Illinois, LLC

Midwest Dental of Iowa, PLC

Merit Dental of Connecticut, P.C.

Merit Dental of Massachusetts, P.C.

Merit Dental - Michigan, P.C.

Merit Dental II - Michigan, P.C.

Merit Dental of Ohio - Nouneh, Inc. 

Merit Dental of Ohio II - Nouneh, Inc. 

Merit Dentistry of Indiana, P.C.

Merit Dental of Pennsylvania, P.C.

Merit Dental of Virginia, P.C.

Midwest Dental Kansas, Derby, PA

Midwest Dental Kansas, Wichita Woodlawn, P.A.

Midwest Dental Kansas, Augusta State Street, P.A.

Midwest Dental - Mohamed Harunani, D.D.S., P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Abilene, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Arizona, Inc.

Modern Dental Professionals – El Paso, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Colorado, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Dallas/Fort Worth, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Houston, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Indiana, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Midland/Odessa, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Minnesota, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Nouneh, Inc.

Modern Dental Professionals - Oklahoma, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Philadelphia, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - San Antonio, P.C.

Modern Dental Professionals - Smith, P.A.

Modern Dental Professionals - Utah, P.C.

Mondovi Dental of New Hampshire, P.C.

Mondovi Dental of New Jersey – Cabana, P.C.

Mountain Dental, P.C.

Mountain Dental of New Mexico, P.C.

Northwest Dental Associates, P.C.

Nurani, P.C.

Olympia Family Dental, LLC

P3 Dental - Welebir, P.C. 

Pearson, P.C.

Reddy Dental, P.C.

Sahawneh Dental Corporation

Sarika Sood Dental Corporation 

Steven G Johnson Dental Corporation 

Valley Forge Dental of Florida, P.A.

Village at Newtown Dentists P.C.

Welebir Dental Corporation


Please call (833) 541-1595 with code B018853, toll-free Monday through Friday from 8 am – 10 pm Central, or Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 7 pm Central (excluding major U.S. holidays).

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