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Social Media in Dentistry

Today we continue our "Insight from the Experts" article series dedicated to helping dentists by addressing all the different facets of running a dental practice. Today's article comes from our Marketing Coordinator Susan Schramm on how to handle the complex world of social media in the dental field. Don't forget to follow DecisionOne Dental Partners on LinkedIn so you don't miss any future articles in this educational series.

Social Media in today’s evolving digital world is HARD, especially when talking about social media in a specific field, like dentistry. You might ask yourself, how can you make your dental practice on social media fun, educational, and relatable? Let’s explore some ways to make you social media pages and posted content more engaging, while complying with HIPAA.

1. Stop posting what you think is engaging and start posting what your social media following thinks is engaging. For example, your following doesn’t want to read a general list of dental tips, but they will read a list of dental tips with graphics, like a branded custom infographic. By doing this you’re killing two birds with one stone, making it educational and engaging at the same time.

2. Mix up the content you post! Your following doesn’t want to see a funny dental cartoon or meme post every day. Incorporate a healthy mix of original content created by you and user-generated content created by others. This can be as simple as taking pictures of staff, sharing patient’s photo’s, pictures of products you use, or an original graphic you created.

3. Patients and potential patients love to see authentic pictures of your practice, team members, and equipment posted on social media, versus a bunch of professional photography. This is engaging for your existing patients to see their family dentist in action and acts as a touching point for a potential patient to book an appointment from seeing your relatable practice through the mobile camera lens.

4. Create a calendar of national holidays and national dental holidays, this is an easy way to post, create awareness, and celebrate with your following.

5. Keep on brand to your practice, always! The more patients and potential patients can identify with your brand, the more brand awareness you achieve. A simple trick is to add your logo or symbol to every picture you post.

6. You live within a community that can increase your social media presence! Attending, sponsoring, partnering with any local events/businesses? This is perfect to post, tag, and share on social media. This not only helps build brand awareness, engagement, but increases your social media impressions through likes, comments, and shares.

7. Finally, you’re probably wondering “What about HIPAA compliance with taking and posting patients pictures”? Anytime you take and post a picture of a patient, you need their consent first. By asking your patient if you can post the picture of him/her on social media then asking to have them sign a consent/release form, will keep your patient and practice safe.

At DecisionOne Dental we support our dental partners in understanding this ever-evolving digital world of social media. We stay up-to-date on the latest digital trends, figure out which platform is best to use, what content is best to post, all while keeping a local touch to your practice, because not all practices are the same and that needs to shine through in way you communicate to your patients and potential patients.

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