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Welcome Dr. Makowski & Team!

We are very very happy to welcome our newest office Dr. Joseph Makowski. Doctor and his team hold relationships with their patients in the highest regard and for that we are proud to have them aboard. Welcome!! #newpractice

Chicago’s DecisionOne Dental Proves Not All Healthcare Has Lost Its Soul

By offering quality dental care and affordable, family-oriented coverage plans, DecisionOne Dental puts Chicagoland patients first. While healthcare costs remain one of America’s hot button issues, the debate often overshadows the fact that we’re also facing a dental care epidemic in this country. Due to rising fees and skimpy coverage for anything beyond a routine cleaning, many Americans either don’t have dental insurance or simply avoid going to the dentist. And even if they do go, the treatment can be less than ideal. That’s because more often in today’s healthcare landscape, treatment is based on insurance reimbursements and not what is best for the patient. The overall result? Poor den

"What is my practice worth?"

As a former Healthcare Banker and current Director of Acquisitions with DecisionOne Dental Partners, the most common question I am asked by dentists is “What is my practice worth?” Even though this question comes up often, the answer is not always as simple as "take X% of last year’s collections." Many approaches can be taken to determine a practice value. The most simple is taking an average of collections over a 3 year period. While we don't have the exact number, we do know that a high percent of privately owned dental offices sell for 60-80% of last year’s collections. An easy example would be a $1 million office would be worth $700,000 if you used 70% of collections to determine val

Selling, Retiring, & You!

If you're considering selling your dental practice in the next 10 years you need to be at this event! Join us for dinner & CE as a panel of experts discuss Selling, Retiring, & You! Learn helpful information and ask questions from a practice transitions expert, an attorney, a CPA, & a Senior VP of wealth management. To RSVP, contact Mike Olson by calling 708-465-1908 or by email at


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